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Home Watch Interior and Exterior

  • Check windows and doors for damage, cracks or gaps
  • Run hot and cold water in sinks and tubs, flush all toilets
  • Inspect electrical cords for damage and GFI outlets for circuit interruption
  • Check sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator and hot water heater for leaks or required service
  • Inspect appliances
  • Water plants
  • Test smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors – replace batteries, if needed
  • Check air conditioning drain and return vents for dust build up – replace filter, if needed
  • Walk perimeter of property checking for debris, trash or damage
  • Inspect exterior of home for cracks, damage, mold and mildew
  • Remove insects, their nest and their waste from around doors, windows, soffit and fascia 
  • Check exterior water faucets for leaks
  • Remove flyers and junk mail 
  • Check lawn and pool for servicing
  • Add salt to water softener, if needed
  • Start vehicle to maintain battery charge
  • Report with photos by mail or email after each visit



Additional Services

Individual Service or Maintenance Calls

*Schedule and supervise service/maintenance – Homeowner approval required

$25.00    *$50 after 7PM

Remove Leaves and Debris from Gutters and Downspouts

Free Estimate

Prepare Home for Inclement Weather, Such as Tropical Storm or Hurricane

Free Estimate

Prepare Home for Guests or Owners Return

Includes light cleaning such as freshening bathrooms, beds prepared, carpet/tile swept, wiping down counter-tops, dusting, cleaning off and setting up outdoor furniture, sweeping or spraying the patio/deck, shopping for essentials, supplies, groceries, beverages or catering  

Free estimate

Welcome Gift Baskets 

Customize for a guest or surprise your loved one

$35 and up

Emergency Call 

*Visit outside of selected service plan

$50 per occurrence