Many homeowners share concerns about the safety of their homes while they are out of state or country. The possibility of plumbing leaks, damage from a storm, overflowing gutters, and the unpleasant thought of intruders or vagrancy were real and unsettling. Homeowners would pay for lawn or pool care, only to find it wasn’t being done as promised. Some were charged for extra services and didn’t know if they were necessary or even performed at all. We stepped in to be their eyes and ears, and sometimes their handyman.

Remote camera monitoring has become very popular. It allows homeowners to see who is coming and going from their home, no matter where they are, giving them a sense of security. They are a great tool. We use them at our home, but they have limitations. Being dependent upon a Wi-fi signal and source of power has proven to be unreliable at times. Particularly, during our daily afternoon summer-time thunderstorms. You need someone who can physically check your home to ensure its safe and free of maintenance issues. Seasonal Home Management will be that neighbor for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice after your long journey to walk into your home and just relax and enjoy? No worries. No surprises. We even offer a service, “Prepare home for owners return”, which includes cleaning, preparing beds, shopping for essentials and groceries. See the OUR SERVICES page for a full description of the services, as well as a detailed checklist of the interior and exterior inspection. All services are customized to meet your needs.

Homeowners will receive a report containing photos taken during the inspection within 48 hours of our visit. This is a month-to-month, as needed, service. Give us a try! We would love to be your new neighbor! Your dependable neighbor.

License information and proof of insurance available upon request.