A personal touch. A human presence checking your home to ensure safety and security. Cameras are great! We use them at our home. But there is just no replacement for that peace of mind we have when our neighbor calls or texts to say, “I went over to your house. All is well!”

Seasonal Home Management provides home inspections, monitoring of property, for homeowners who share time between their summer and winter homes. We can also provide a one time inspection for others who request we check on things during a vacation or business travel.

This company was developed to help meet the needs of our neighbors. Many had concerns about what was happening at their home while they were out of state or country. They would pay for lawn and/or pool care, only to find it wasn’t being done as promised. Some were charged for extra services and didn’t know if they were necessary or even performed at all! Neighbors were concerned about their homes safety, vagrancy, possible leaks, damage from a storm, overflowing gutters, among other things.

During my time as an active Realtor, I had seen many homes for sale where the curb appeal was less than appealing! There was trash in the yard, the outside and entry way was dirty from a careless lawn service blowing grass and dirt all over the place, the pool hadn’t been cleaned in some time, dust everywhere and dead bugs laying around. I discovered a few vendors who provided less-than professional service and were not always dependable. That did not happen with the homes I listed for my customers! I wouldn’t tolerate that in my own home, so why would I overlook those things when it came to caring for my clients? I went above and beyond to make sure my clients home was well represented and always looked and felt as clean as possible.

It also made me more aware of the lack of these types of monitoring services, and left me wondering how to help meet that need. It made me grateful for my wonderful neighbors! We know one another well, and we depend on one another to look after each other. Most of my clients did not know their neighbors, much less anyone else they could count on and trust to look after their home. That’s when I decided to change my focus to becoming the neighbor our seasonal residents need.

This is not about property management. We are not a property management company. We do not rent, lease, collect rent or fees, greet guests or provide access to your home. What we do is simple. Once a month, or more, depending on your preference, we perform an interior and exterior inspection of your home. Our detailed checklist and service rates are available on Our Services page. There is also an Additional Services list that offers other items you may find yourself in need of, or would like to receive, along with the monitoring service. Each month, a report containing photos taken during the inspection, will be sent to the address or email address provided. There is no contract. This is a month-to month, as needed, service. Give us a try! I would love to be your new neighbor! Your dependable neighbor.